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Black Nab, Whitby

Black Nab, Whitby

Photography as a Business (mine is chiefly as a Lake District & Broadoaks Country House Hotel Wedding Photographer)  and also as a Hobby can be a fairly lonely affair, so one of the best ways to interact with others is by joining a Camera Club, as I have latterly with Wakefield Camera Club

One of the events I enjoy most from my club membership are days out shooting something as a Group. Not only for the camaraderie of like minded souls, but as I not only get to pass on a bit of knowledge to others but also I get to ‘see’ through others’ eyes too, both on the shoot and afterwards as I see others’ photos from the day. There’s nothing quite as useful I feel as having processed one’s own photos to then see everyone else’s and realise both what you missed on the shoot, and what processing style you could have adopted too; being able to discuss, shoot & review in this way I find invaluable – so I’m hoping others do too

Recently I organised a wee trip to the Whitby area starting off at Black Nab (to the right of Saltwick Bay), and then heading off into Whitby itself for more shooting, a beer and of course some Fish & Chips

What follows are my selection of photos just from the 2.5 hours we spent at Black Nab itself, where I was shooting on a Nikon D750 with a 20mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm lenses; and I also shot at a variety of apertures too to use Depth of Field (the area of apparent sharp focus) as a means of isolating the subject from the background or blending it all together. Most of what follows were either shot at f2 or f8

You don’t have to like any of these photos, or the processing thereof, but I do hope one or two make you think about what & how you’d shoot the same subject differently, and perhaps differently to how you’d normally approach your Landscape Photography subjects

If you’d like to join me on a future outing just drop me an email to and add me as a Friend on Facebook as I post many of my plans there first

Happy snapping



Brought to you by a very happy snapper working as a

Lake District Wedding Photographer

and I especially enjoying being a

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