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Nikon D750 and 85mm f1.8 – a Barnsley stroll

Nikon D750 and 85mm f1.8 – a Barnsley stroll

Yet another outing for this Broadoaks Country House Hotel Wedding Photographer where I’m nowhere near Broadoaks, but instead I’m taking a wee stroll around sunny Barnsley

This time I have my D750 with one of my all-time favourite lenses on it, the trusty 85mm f1.8, and for today’s entire shoot its going to stay at f2; giving me a very shallow Depth of Field (the area in sharp focus) so I can try for some creative snapping. For those of you not fortunate enough to have enjoyed the Barnsley experience (*coughs*), its not exactly at its finest at the moment, though there is a lot of regeneration going on

Anyway, here’s a few photos to give you a feel for what I was getting up to, with comments where appropriate

(or sometimes perhaps inappropriate for humour)…


As today’s Photowalk was going to include meeting a pal of mine, and maybe sampling the odd beer too, I decided a Bus was the better option all around; and luckily I got on one with Barnsley’s coolest Bus Driver – Shades M’Grew

After disembarking from my chosen mode of transportation I was immediately struck by a Pun !!! So here it is – Barnsley’s version of “High tec”

Clearly not everyone was having a good day

Just outside of our newish transport hub (Bus and Train Station) is this figure high on a column – and I have absolutely no idea why or what its supposed to represent, though being black its probably related to coal somehow. Answers on a postcard please

There was the merest hint of London’s Trafalgar Square about being watched by the airborne-rat bomber brigade

This is the sealed entrance to an old pub, and when they are sealed in town centre you know times are bad

I liked, and hence shot, this 10ft high ‘S’ for no particular reason other than I like it

While I appreciate the Watermark is obscuring the litter bin somewhat, the joke here is of course that rubbish has been at the heart of Barnsley for centuries; sadly, looking around the streets and moreso the hedgerows out & about its clear that litter is as big a problem now (perhaps even greater) than it was in AD1249

Around the back of this building I was struck by another Pun – “Old tec”; I then looked in vain for a puddle too to try for a reflection as “Low tec”

Barnsley’s market was, for many years, so great & famous people used to come in on bus trips from afar !!! Honestly they did. After a recent facelift its tiny by comparison and nothing like as busy, and its now all indoors too, so its lost most of its ambience and heritage. I’m guessing that as a mark of that heritage and tradition the designers chose a tasteless neon sign because… More answers on a postcard please

We do have an Art Gallery tha’noz. This painting, by spraycan I assume, is on a boarding that’s hiding building works, and maybe its a dig at the usually stuffy Art that’s on display there. I mean, they don’t allow photos FFS !!!

One thing Barnsley is still known for its it high cuisine

And here’s proof that Emma Thompson has finally made it BIG !!! With her new film showing at Barnsley’s Parkway Cinema no less. She must be SOOOOOO proud

More evidence of folk not having a great day

Who, using a digital camera, could forego shooting a few angles of one of our newer (and odder) buildings – Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre

I do love a good reflection shot, and if you can add in shapes & colours too that’s awesome. Here’s Barnsley’s spectacular Town Hall reflected in the transport hub

Despite rarely seeing anyone cycle in Barnsley – only the really fit can as its so damned hilly – there is apparently a “Cycling Hub” too, though I’ve never seen a bike anywhere near it

More reflection loveliness

Just a couple from inside the new museum at Town Hall – some cases in a pile. Nope, I’ve no idea why either

And here we have proof that Barnsley has been welcoming visitors since AD1640, so much so few wanted to leave

This is a small part of a lovely Barnsley Infants School tapestry

Her Maj the Queen has visited Barnsley on a number of occasions, and I’m guessing this is where she likes to stay as it has its own posh garage too

A couple more “Why did he shoot that?” shots – well, I like colour, shape and texture

And I also like to know that Love is all around us, even on a side-street

I have to admit to not shooting this for any artistic merit, so much as wondering who the Hell would want to go to this and get married here !!!

A lamp by any other name is a… ok, so I just looked up and saw a lamp

Back on the bus on the way home it seemed that I wasn’t the only one staring out of the window and thinking of the good time I’d just had in sunny Barnsley – with a few beers (From £2.09 per pint just to annoy my southern pals)


So there you have it, a few snaps on a D750 with just one lens and all taken at just one aperture setting too, f2 – fun isn’t it

I think its about time I organised another Group Photowalk

If you fancy joining me please just drop me an email to and we’ll get something sorted

Happy snapping – Dave


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