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Nikon’s D750 and 50mm f1.4 – a Wakefield walk

Nikon’s D750 and 50mm f1.4 – a Wakefield walk

One of the fun things all photographers like to do is to change their camera gear! Then starts a whole new learning process in how to get the best out of the new gear

As a Lake District & Yorkshire Wedding Photographer its important to stay fresh too, so new approaches, angles, processing and even gear can all come to play as we constantly strive to better ourselves

So today I took a wet stroll into Wakefield, and decided to try the Nikon D750 & Nikon 50mm f1.4 together at this lens’ max aperture – what’s called “Wide open” – and for you non-Photographers all this means is that there’s very little going to be in sharp focus, shutter speeds are high so action is frozen and you can also shoot in pretty dim places without blurring your photos

I was dropped off at Yorkshire’s newest inspirational Art Gallery, The Hepworth (click the link for more info); and as luck would have it there was a Print Fair on outside of the main building, so that’s where I went first – then into The Hepworth for a short time before heading off to take a peek in the renovated Wakefield Cathedral prior to pick-up. In total I had about 90 mins for some photo fun, and what follows are some of those photos with comments added. Cheers


Clearly no expense was spared in advertising the event, though maybe adding an arrow to show where it was could have helped a bit ???

The Hepworth building is really very new, if not very pretty, but they really pushed the boat out to house the Print Fair in this wonderful building nearby

And just in case you were just toying with the idea of entering, this sign kinda made it mandatory

Clearly some people had a rebellious streak and chose to go the other way

The actual entrance is on the left here, near the red-hatted person, they clearly made it as attractive as possible didn’t they

Once inside, there were a great many exhibitors all plying their trade; mostly of the WTF ‘Arty’ type to me! I actually bumped into a pal of mine too, he couldn’t fathom it all out either lol

Some of it was a bit more ‘normal’ though, and I really liked this person’s stand

Then I headed off to The Hepworth itself

Despite Britain being on High Alert for terrorists, security wasn’t exactly overpowering; maybe terrorists are Art lovers too and wouldn’t dream of attacking such a place?

I was going to make a pun about Rose Tinted Spectacles, but decided against it. I was being watched taking this shot and was asked for a look on the back of the camera, the lady in question loved the shot so much she sent her husband over to copy it – on his mobile’s camera – I doubt (hope?) he got the same effect

This one had me stumped, as I couldn’t decide if it was in fact an Art piece or just a bunch of flowers in a vase – what do you think ???

I have to admit that this shot really amused me – all that Art and they just decided to stare out of the window and watch the rain instead lol

By this stage I’m clearly starting to become infected, or maybe affected, by all this Art stuff, because I saw this woman and her partly opened umbrella hanging down as mirroring the Artwork itself – so I had to grab a shot. Am I going nuts or is this clever observation ??? Like all Art I guess, its the viewer who decides

By now I was on my way out and realised I had totally gone over to the Arty side when I saw this door close to a piece of Art, and my mind decided it was in fact a statement as to my lack of understanding of the forms of Art I had seen; as I had “No Access’ to understanding it at all

As added proof of my Arty infection taking hold, I’ve also removed the lock and door handle to further make it obvious that there’s No Access !!!

It was defo lunchtime by now, but I HATE queuing; so I set off for Wakefield Cathedral where I knew I could find some fine dining cuisine at an affordable price suitable for a tight-arsed Yorkie

For what is really quite a small city, the cathedral, which isn’t very big either, is simply stunning inside. I organised a Camera Club trip there many years ago and a host of those members’ photos cropped up in Club Competitions for years after

And finally – time for that much anticipated fine dining experience that is a Greggs’ Steak Bake. Religion & places of worship come in many forms and mine is pies & pasties – yummy

So there you have it, a few snaps on a D750 with just one lens and all taken at just one aperture setting too, f1.4 – fun isn’t it

I think its about time I organised another Group Photowalk somewhere

Leeds is one of my favourite places but I’m sure you can suggest others too, so if you fancy coming along please just drop me an email to and we’ll get something sorted

Happy snapping – Dave


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