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So what is a Barnsley Wedding Photographer‘s

‘Personal Work’ ???


You may well ask what does a Barnsley Wedding Photographer or even a Lake District Wedding Photographer and not forgetting someone who teaches Lake District Landscape Photography Courses do when they are not working as a Photographer and the simple answer is… shoot for fun 🙂

Personal work is then anything that takes my fancy, be it some macro work, what’s known as table-top photography, maybe some Street Photography, the odd dabble with Wildlife, Portraits, Studio work, OCF… the list is endless; and while it is generally all fun there’s more to it the that

If you are serious about your photography then you have to practice constantly, just like any sportsperson does. The point of which is to ensure that the camera is so familiar in your hands you could operate all the major features you may need at such as a Wedding without having to look at it, or think about it, so that it all becomes 2nd nature and changes to operating style are seamless

This page then is about adding some examples of such Personal Work as practice, self-challenges maybe, and especially where something is shot in a little different way to the norm or where the subject matter is a little different to the norm

This first such post is all about a personal challenge to shoot in Leeds (all images shot on Sunday 8th February 2015), in a short period of time, 90 mins, and with just one fixed focal length lens, 50mm, and even more specifically a fixed aperture too, f2


For those who know anything about photography you’ll recognise that the 50mm focal length is often referred to as the ‘standard’ focal length for any 35mm or DSLR camera as its field of view is most like what our own eyes see. But f2 is very ‘wide open’, meaning there is a very limited ‘Depth of Field’ – essentially, very little of what is in front of, or behind, the subject that is focused on will be in sharp focus. The closer the subject is to the camera the more pronounced the effect of the foreground & background being out of focus – think blurred

So why use f2 is it blurs so much??? Its a technique often referred to as ‘Differential focus’ where the fact that only the main subject if fully sharply in focus means you are placing more emphasis on the subject and isolating them from their foreground or background, or both. This is a very useful technique for any time where there are a lot of distractions in front of, behind, or both, of the subject; and as a technique it carries its own set of challenges



When I’m not specifically teaching I’m happy to have others with me on what I term “Tag-alongs” – Tag Alongs are, as the name implies, shoots of whatever kind where I’ll announce in advance what I’m aiming to do and where I’ll be going and anyone is free to come along with me, or meet met at the shoot’s venue, and ‘tag along’. This has always proven to be useful for the tag-alonger (a new phrase I’ve invented lol) as you’ll get to see what I shoot and how I shoot it, and you can then relate back to that once I’ve posted some images. You can perhaps pick up a few hints & tips you hadn’t come across before, or even ask about something that’s been burning away at the back of your mind. Shooting as a group is always fun and often more fun than shooting alone, its safer too as some else is there to keep their beady eye on your gear if you’re so wrapped up in what you’re shooting

But why do I like Tag-alongs? Well it may sound odd but I find that I learn something from every tag-along too! I see someone else shooting at the same place & time as me and yet they’ve be shooting something different (usually), so I get to ‘see’ through someone else’s eyes and that is often at least interesting, and of course sometimes you’ll be shooting in a more interesting way than I am so I can copy you!



Leeds shoot – 8th February 2015

In my Leeds shoot I was specifically looking for patterns, textures (and contrasts thereof) and colours; so here’s the images I took in those 90 mins with just one lens and at a fixed aperture being wide open 🙂

Feel free to ask anything you like,

or simply CONTACT ME if you’d like to be kept abreast

of my next Tag-along opportunity – cheers



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