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Wakefield Camera Club outing

Wakefield Camera Club outing

BMW Sandal showroom

I highly recommend ALL photographers to become a member of a Camera Club, or if they think they are posh then a Photographic Society, to both learn from and perhaps to also be able to pass on knowledge & inspiration too. They can also be a great source of finding new mates with a similar outlook & hobby as Photography can seem a lonely life, but they are also a good way to get out & about with others too; which is what happened this week where one member of Wakefield Camera Club had managed to get BMW Sandal to agree to staying open one evening for us to play shooting their cars for 2 hours – and with FREE coffee too !!!

Cars are a very difficult subject to shoot as they are highly reflective and covered in detail (when clean that is), but in a car showroom the added difficulty is that the lighting is anything but kind photographically and there’s generally not enough space between or around the cars, and so it proved with BMW Sandal’s showroom too; in anticipation of which I decided to not use a tripod, but instead to shoot on my prime lenses without flash (or other additional lighting) and as an added challenge to only shoot at f2 for minimal Depth of Field

What follows are my favourite shots from the event shot mostly on my 50mm f1.4 but also using my 35mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 too at times; even with such wide apertures giving me faster shutter speeds I was mostly shooting at 1,000 and even 2,000 ISO

That’s enough blabbling – here’s some photos – and if you want any further info on them just drop me an email with your query or CONTACT ME 




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