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A bit about me

Hi, and thanks for stopping by 🙂

I doubt you want to hear that I first picked up a camera aged 13 (Zenith EM btw) or that I shot my first Wedding aged 18, and you really won’t want to know that I like Indian food most but it gives me gas 😀

So here’s some more pertinent bits…

David Goodier Photography is ideal for couples wanting natural, fun & contemporary photography combined with creating WOW “Statement Images” to show both your character and why you picked your venue or landscape to be married in

Its about allowing you a carefree day free from constant interruption and phony poses that make you feel awkward

Its about style & value for couples who appreciate great photography over cheap snaps

Its about telling the story of your Wedding Day in a way that will bring joy & tears for many years to come

But if you really do want to know a bit about me, then read on…

I’ve had various roles in local camera clubs including Competition Sec. Club Sec. and a PR role liaising with local Press

I also helped start a new type of club that grew quickly to over 50 members in its 1st year and was featured in two local newspapers because of it

As a camera club member I’ve won various photo of the year (POTY) comps with such as B&W POTY, Colour POTY, Projected Image POTY, and overall Photographer of the Year too; but I found competitions to be divisive and demoralising to many, hence with the new club it was a condition of mine that there were to be no competitions! It worked well

I’ve featured twice in the Professional Photographer magazine, latterly on a controversial point defending what’s known as ‘Weekend Warriors’; typically photographers wanting to move into becoming full-time and trying hard while working a normal 9-5 job too

In fact I was asked to set up training specifically for those wishing to enter The Business of Wedding Photography, and I’ve so far trained over 75 persons in both groups and 1-2-1s for this; several of whom have gone on to be successful Wedding Photographers as both part-timers and full-timers too

I was also delighted to be asked to be second photographer at the Wedding of local MP David Blunkett where we had many dignitaries including the then PM Gordon Brown in attendance. As I had to organise a quick shot with Gordon Brown too I innocently posted a humorous  thread entitled “I shot Gordon Brown”, and was quickly advised to be ‘careful’ as it was being monitored by Special Branch or some such !!! EEK

One Saturday night I had a call asking if I was available to photograph a Wedding just 5 days later that was taking place at Wortley Hall and being filmed by Channel 4 for a documentary on large families. I jumped at the chance and what a great family it was, a lovely day was had by all and YES I can also boast to being “As seen on tv” – even though it was only my left arm for all of 1 sec !!!

I also organised & presented a Wedding Photography training course in Northern Ireland and within an hour of landing I randomly appeared on Radio Belfast, where I also managed to plug my courses lol

I was also pleased to come joint 5th in an international photography competition with a Landscape Photograph of the famous Buttermere Trees, which was subsequently published in the following year’s Salvation Army Calendar

Over the last 10+ years I’ve been involved in all sorts of Photography Training and I love to set challenges for both others & myself, latterly this involved challenging a friend of mine to create a panel of images worthy of passing her Licentiate for the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS); which I’m delighted to say she achieved with a little of my guidance & mentoring and which again made the local Press

Along with Sara I also planned to shoot my own L-panel to submit together but I never seemed to get around to it; then at pretty much the last minute I decided to shoot my entire panel of 10 varied images in just ONE day !!! And what a FAB day that was too, you can read more about that here One L of a day but suffice to say I passed too. Interest in this has been so great as to warrant a specific presentation and even a day course on how to plan and achieve it yourself

I’m also a Photography Judge & Lecturer on the Yorkshire Photographic Union’s circuit; to basically help as many others as I can to take better photos, or even to move into the FAB world of being a Professional Wedding Photographer, please just CONTACT ME with any training query you may have




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