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Best Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer

Best Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer

Here’s a simple question, which is better to have to record your Wedding day…

The Best Barnsley Wedding Photographer


The Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer



The problem is that the obvious answer (well I hope its obvious) is that you want the Best Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer – but what does that mean and is it even possible???

‘Best’ is simple enough you’d think – its the guy/gal who takes the best photos – but what do the ‘Best photos’ look like ???

Herein lies another problem – Photographic Style

Look at it another way – of all the greatest painters in history, which is best is really down to your own taste in paintings. If you like classical beauty portraits then maybe Rembrandt is best, but what if you prefer work by the Impressionists or the Surrealists, or any other of the ‘ists’ ???

Which take-away food is best – its Indian obviously, unless you prefer Chinese, or Pizza, or Ethiopian, or something else

Food tastes differ, just as do the Photographic Styles we love

The same is very true of Photographers too as we each develop a style over time, and while our style may be fluid and prone to change either in the way we shoot or the manner of our post-processing, there is often an undeniable style that carries through. If you like the style of one Photographer over another, then, regardless of technical ability or equipment, the Photographer whose photos you like best may well be the ‘Best’ photographer for you = sorted 🙂

Well – maybe not 🙁

What if when meeting that Photographer you now discover they are a PITA to deal with. You find out from others that they may shout & bully your Guests to get their photos, especially the Group shots. They take AGES to do their photos too such that while you may love the photos you don’t enjoy your Wedding Day as it becomes too much of a Photo-shoot in a white dress. They may be hard to get hold of, poor to reply to an email query or a text, and they don’t turn up on time at your pre-Wedding meeting or (God forbid) they are late on your Wedding Day !!!

The Best Barnsley Wedding Photographer is hard to quantify, its not ‘the best there is’ but the ‘best for YOU’ – and that needs research


At least the Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer is easy to find then 🙂

Well – maybe not 🙁

If by ‘cheap’ you are simply looking for the least cost in £s then yes, that’s not too hard to find. In my own research I found a guy offering his Wedding Photography services for £55 !!!

But is that cheap ???

If you spend £55 for your Wedding Photos and they turn out to be crap, and certainly nothing like what you were expecting, then that’s not only £55 wasted but your Wedding Day’s record RUINED – FOREVER !!!

But what about £300 or £500 or £1,000 or more ???

Largely the amount you pay is relative to the amount of RISK you’re prepared to take

The MORE you pay the better trained, better prepared, more experienced, insured, qualified, likeable and ‘professional’ your Photographer is likely to be – and all of that equates to them being FAR more likely to present you with the kind of Wedding Photos you actually want

If you really aren’t that fussed over photos, but just kinda accept you need some to look back on, then a £300-£500 photographer is likely to be all that you need

But if you want to ensure you look as stunning in your photos as you do in your dress, then upwards of £1,000 is really what you need to be expecting to pay

For my part – I’m far from being the Cheapest Barnsley Wedding Photographer, but looking around at the competition and from some horror stories I’ve heard too then I’m pretty confident I’m one of the Best Barnsley Wedding Photographers – you only have to see the images and read the reviews to see that for yourself (read Mark & Victoria’s review as an example CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to see their Wedding Album) but what I’m most proud of is that I truly believe I’m the Best Value Barnsley Wedding Photographer – not the cheapest, but the best at my price point, making me several hundreds of £s cheaper than others who provide a similar service to me

If all that makes sense, then on quality of work and value for money, perhaps I am the

Best Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer

Come along to see me for a chat about your Wedding plans, your hopes & dreams for your Wedding photos

CONTACT ME NOW to see if I’m available for your date

See you soon, shoot you lots 🙂

 Hodsock Priory Wedding shot by the Best Cheap Barnsley Wedding Photographer

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