Lake District & Broadoaks Wedding Photographer

Best Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer

Best Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer

Which is better to have to photograph your Wedding day…

The Best Lake District Wedding Photographer


The Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer



If funds allow then obviously you want the Best, if money is tight you might want the Cheapest, but what you REALLY want is the Best Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer – but what does that mean???

‘Best’ is simple enough – its the photographer who takes the best photos – the problem is finding out what the ‘Best photos’ look like ???

And this is the problem – Photographic Styles Differ

Look at it another way – of all the best artists & painters in history, whomever you think is the best is really down to your own taste in art; for example Monet is only ‘best’ for those that like his work

Which restaurant food is best is equally arguable – in the UK the answer is generally Indian, unless you prefer Chinese, or Italian, or French, or something else

Food & art tastes differ, just as do Photographic Styles

Photographers each develop a style over time. If you like the style of one Photographer over another, then the Photographer whose photos you like best may well be the ‘Best’ photographer for YOU = sorted 🙂

Well – maybe not 🙁

After finding the perfect set of photos online you meet your perfect photographer only to discover you don’t like him/her; now, no matter how good their photos are, you’re not going to what them around you ALL day at your Wedding are you!!! Over the years I’ve heard stories of photographers who shout at & even BULLY Guests to get their photos; others that are so SLOW everyone is bored to tears; some who are plain obnoxious; and one who was carried out of a venue I know well and banned from ever shooting there again as he was completely drunk well before 1st dance, and threw up in the doorway of the hotel !!!

What constitutes the Best Lake District Wedding Photographer is hard to quantify, its not ‘the best there is’ but the ‘best for YOU’ – and that requires time & effort to find and interview to find someone who is a match for your needs


At least the Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer is easy to find though 🙂

Well – maybe not 🙁

If by ‘cheap’ you are simply looking for the least cost then that’s not too hard to find. In my own research I once found a guy advertising in the local paper where his Wedding Photography services started at just £55 !!!

But is that actually cheap ???

If you spend £55 for your Wedding Photos and they are terrible and nothing like what you were expecting, then that’s not only £55 wasted but your Wedding Day’s photos RUINED – FOREVER !!!

But how about £300 or £500 or £1,000 or more ???

To a great extent it’s all about RISK

Generally speaking, the more you pay the less the RISK of you hiring an idiot

The MORE you pay the better trained, better prepared, more experienced, properly insured, professionally qualified, likeable, talented and ‘professional’ your Photographer is likely to be – meaning they are FAR more likely to present you with the kind of Wedding Photos you actually want

If you really aren’t that fussed over photos and just need some to look back on, then a £300-£500 photographer is probably good enough

If you want your Wedding Photos to really zing and to record the story of your day beautifully, then upwards of £1,000 is really what you need to be expecting to pay

For my part – I’m far from being the Cheapest Lake District Wedding Photographer, but I am confident that I’m one of the Best Lake District Wedding Photographers – you can read Mark & Victoria’s review as an example CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to see their Wedding Album

I truly believe I’m one of the Best Value Lake District Wedding Photographers – where value is a measure of ability, service & price

I hope that all makes sense, and explains why on quality of my work and value for money, perhaps I am the

Best Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer


CONTACT ME NOW to see if I’m available for your date

And we’ll a chat about your Wedding plans, your hopes & dreams for your Wedding photos

See you soon, shoot you lots 🙂

 Hodsock Priory Wedding shot by the Best Cheap Lake District Wedding Photographer

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