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I’m delighted to confirm that I am now on the ‘circuit’ as a YPU Judge, so this information is for those thinking of booking me as a Judge to explain what I need from you to be able to do the best job I can for you, but also for you to see a little of where I’m coming from to ensure we’re a good ‘fit’ for each other

A bit about me & my approach

I’m a full-time professional Barnsley Wedding Photographer and Lake District Wedding Photographer, I teach photography, I lecture in photography to camera clubs, I run Lake District Landscape Photography Courses and I also organise Lake District Photography Holidays. I’ve twice had published articles in Professional Photography magazine, I came joint 5th in an international competition with a landscape image of Buttermere which then appeared in a major charity’s calendar that year. I also hold a Professional Qualification as Licentiate with the SWPP and a ‘hobby’ one as an LRPS, for which I also teach how & why everyone should at least aim for their own LRPS CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

I’ve been a hobby photographer since I was about 13, so my interest in photography started with 35mm film in the late 1970s and I moved over to digital in around 2003 following the launch of the Nikon D100 and after a photolab ruined most of 3 films from a multiple child portraiture shoot just before Christmas leaving me with some very disappointed parents; I’ve not used film at all since that switch-over

In all that time I’ve shot:

  • landscapes & seascapes
  • birds, seals, flowers, plants and macro
  • table-top
  • some commercial work of rooms, bars & bathrooms for hotels
  • low-light and night-time photography
  • child through to adult portraits
  • Weddings and Christenings
  • some sports including football and motor racing
  • cycling & motocross
  • studio lighting, models and OCF (Off Camera Flash)
  • pets
  • architecture and urban environments, including Street photography
  • etc…..

I’m sure you get the idea that at some point or others I’ve had a go at shooting just about everything I could have 🙂


At club level:

  • I’ve acted as Comp Sec. and
  • Club Sec. and
  • in a Media role
  • I’ve won over the years – B&W print POTY; Colour print POTY; Projected Image POTY; Overall POTY
  • and I’ve presented dozens of times on everything from my own photography to giving tutorials on shooting & digital image processing

Photography is my hobby, my work and my passion 🙂


So why be a YPU Judge then?

Firstly, I see it as a way to ‘put something back’. Photography at club level has been good to me and I’ve seen many a Judge come & go over the years, and while many have been excellent we always remember those that carried with them their own ‘baggage’ (like the ones we’ve all seen who clearly state they love or hate a particular genre, then you immediately see that reflected in their marking!!!). We also all remember those Judges that are probably blind, can’t talk clearly, or both lol; and there are stories aplenty of favouritisms, inconsistencies and bias. I guess I’m hoping that my role as a Judge will address some of those issues, that my many years as a seminar presenter to national conference level will help me get across my ideas and comments, and that I can not only be clear & fair but also inspiring too

My approach is ALWAYS to look for the good in any image, comment on what I feel can be improved if necessary, and how if so, and to end on a positive too such that the photographer will feel encouraged to achieve more next time – or maintain that standard if they win!


If you do wish to book me, then please provide the following information…

  1. Your Club’s name and meeting address, including postcode for my Sat Nav
  2. the date you’d like me to Judge for you, and the time you normally run from & to (I won’t run over the time limits you set)
  3. your role in the Club and your email address and telephone number, a mobile too if possible
  4. the telephone/mobile number of at least one other person in the event of an emergency
  5. what type of competition it is (i.e. intra or inter club, etc.)
  6. if its to judge projected images (not slides unless you also provide a viewer, mine broke many years ago) or prints
  7. the anticipated numbers of images to be judged
  8. and perhaps most importantly, what you as a club want from me as a Judge ???


I think its worth expanding upon this last point (point 8)

I very much see my role as being to work with you such that I can deliver exactly the sort of judging experience you and your members would like, so this could be anything from & including:

  • giving a mark to each image – in which case, please let me know the range of marking that your club prefers (i.e. 0-10, 0-20 whatever)
  • in the event of a tie with more than one image being awarded the same highest mark, do you want an overall winner
  • do you welcome comments for improvement on your club’s images or do you prefer an appraisal only
  • if you don’t want individual marks awarding, do you want a simple First, Second, Third, Highly Commended, Commended etc.
  • if there’s anything else that you feel would be useful for me to know, please tell me


On the evening itself

  • I’d prefer not to have to handle prints myself, it works much better if one Club Member puts prints up for commentary and either the same or another takes them down; this allows me to concentrate fully on the marking commentary
  • I have no issue with people interacting with me throughout the marking
  • please tell the old chaps at the back to stop talking when I am, I feel its rude to any presenter to do so but its also distracting for those who may wish to hear what I’m saying
  • if the images are projected either have someone to advance on my nod, or I’ll control the rate of change myself
  • failing a breakdown – I am NEVER LATE – so please ensure you, or someone, is there to greet me at the arrival time
  • I have no disabilities, so stairs etc. is fine
  • at the END of the judging period, if there is still time available without you over-running and it costing you money, I’m happy to answer any photography questions from the floor
  • payment will be the usual PAGB rates plus fuel, and I’ll expect payment on arrival


How to Book me then…

Please email me as  or CLICK HERE to check my availability

If I am available, I’ll then confirm with my address if you prefer a written confirmation as per the YPU’s standard Guidelines CLICK HERE but I’m also happy to rely on email rather than waste money on stamps

SPECIAL NOTE: the YPU are VERY keen for all Clubs to give honest feedback on Judges & Lecturers, so please ensure that your Club provides a report on me too, be as open & frank as possible such that the YPU can give me feedback and what I can do to improve my delivery of the Judging Experience for other Clubs, or even for you & your Club if you’d like me back – Cheers 🙂


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