Lake District & Broadoaks Wedding Photographer

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography – Jess & John

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography – Jess & John

One of my first of 3 shoots in January 2019 had me acting as a Broadoaks Country House Hotel Wedding Photographer for  Jess & John’s big day, and despite the ‘risk’ of poor weather on a January Wedding in the Lake District we had a FAB and surprisingly warm day too 🙂

The day started with Jess and her Bridesmaids in Prep at a beautiful house they’d rented in Windermere, before transferring to the stunning Boudoir Suite at Broadoaks Country House to add the finishing touches and of course the dress

John was already there too and at a pre-determined point I nipped over to his room for getting ready shoots too; being a typical chap these took only a few mins rather than the hours Brides generally need lol

It was then back to Jess for her Bridal Portraits, where she looked both stunning and remarkably relaxed too

Unusually these days we had a ‘Reveal’ shot too to dad, who did exactly what’s dads are supposed to do and cried

More tears followed during their Ceremony with a couple of readings, and then we were out for Group photos

Despite it being January we managed quite a few without anyone suffering hypothermia 😀

We then had a great session with the newlyweds in & around the grounds (it had been raining for days so Jess took my advice and wore wellies !!!) of Broadoaks Country House and a Confetti shot too


TOP TIP TIME – the Confetti Shot

If you’d like a Confetti shot at your Wedding then please be aware that modern couples’ Guests tend NOT to bring their own confetti, so if you’d like a Confetti shot then YOU as the newlyweds need to buy & bring your own to hand out

Generally, male Guests aren’t that bothered about joining in, so if you wish to keep costs under control just work on buying a box/amount of confetti for every female attendee and they can share if needed

Lastly, consider the timings for your Confetti shot – by this I mean if you wish to do it Before or After you have your first session of photos as the newlyweds; this is simply because if you have it first then you may have a LOT of confetti in your hair, which some Brides feel spoils this photo session


Wedding Breakfast & Speeches followed, by which time it was already dark, but this is where Broadoaks Country House plays its trump-card over many venues…

Not only is Broadoaks well lit at night, but their new lighting is LED based and hence its colour can be altered and tuned to closely match every couples’ own Wedding colour scheme – how cool is that 🙂

Although the outside photo was taken prior to their cutting of the cake and 1st dance photos, I always feel it makes for a perfect end-of-album shot, and you can see it here as the last photo in their Wedding Album

Anyway – let’s take a look at their stunning Wedding Album design…


Wedding Photography at Broadoaks Country House


If you love my style of romantic, fun & dramatic Wedding Photography, then you’ll love me as your Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photographer too – so please CONTACT ME to see if I’m available for your date

Speak soon – shoot you lots



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