Lake District & Broadoaks Wedding Photographer

Broadoaks Wedding Photography

Broadoaks Wedding Photography

A VERY late Broadoaks Wedding Ceremony meant this couple’s B&G session in the grounds was already after sunset, and lets say ‘challenging’ lol. That said it gave the wonderful opportunity to include some of the new lighting features of Broadoaks Country House Hotel too, where the overall colour outside can be made to suit pretty much any colour scheme the couple chooses

So just because its getting dark doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have great photos outside, it just means I have to push the cameras’ abilities somewhat – oh and run around like a madman to work SUPER quickly lol

Jennifer & Gordon’s dogs featured heavily here, named George & Mildred, and sadly George won’t be with them much longer due to inoperable brain tumours

So if you do have a pooch or two, please bring them along and make your photos extra special as our furry friends aren’t around that long, and Broadoaks is definitely a dog pooch friendly  Wedding venue

Here’s a selection of their Wedding Photos to give you a ‘taste’ of a Broadoaks’ Winter Wedding

Super Wedding Photography at Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Broadoaks Wedding Photography


Brought to you by a VERY happy Lake District and Broadoaks Wedding Photographer 🙂