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Graphistudio Albums

Graphistudio Albums

I’ve put this page together for the ever increasing number of couples who Book me without ever meeting me prior to their Wedding. If you can come to see me then you can feel & play with a variety of sample albums, types, materials and colours, but of all the couples that do do this, the vast majority go with my selection as their perfect album style to show off their FAB Wedding photos – so here’s an insight into what I and others have chosen & why

I only use Graphistudio Wedding Albums and have done so for many years now – Why Graphi? – you may ask, and the answer for me is simply that they are simply the best

The best of the kinds of albums I want to offer to my clients, the best for the ways in which I can present my photos and the best for their variety and for customer service too

Graphi offer several album types and in a vast array of sizes and materials but here’s the funny thing, the VAST majority of my couples ALL choose the same kind of album and in only one of two sizing options !!!

The obvious thought is that its a cost thing, and while that’s certainly true to an extent, the simple fact is that the most basic no-frills option I’ve put together is such good quality & value-for-money that few feel the need for any of the additional cost options

So here’s what I’ve put together as my ‘starter’ option based on my years of dealing with Graphi products, and my years of dealing with customer requirements – and it is

  • from a 30-page Wedding Album;
  • 20x30cm (close to A4) in size, and usually in Portrait orientation so a double-page spread of your favourite photo is very large indeed without needing a HUGE album;
  • high quality photographic thick paper;
  • a metallic cover with your choice of a Colour or B&W Wedding photo on it (I recommend B&W); and
  • leather binding (there is a choice of colours but Black Leather with a B&W photo looks coolest)

To give you an idea of what that looks like here’s some photos of my sample albums:

The one above is my sample album from one of the venues I’m recommended at, so its bigger than most and comes with its own briefcase to keep it safe in. The standard 20x30cm album comes in a white cardboard box, which many are perfectly happy with, but albums from 25x35cm have more options of how they come & are stored in, the briefcase being the best value and best way to keep your children’s sticky fingers off !!!

The next few images are the same album to show additional features common to all Graphi albums of this type


Above is a leather sleeve, higher quality than the briefcase but then its also nearly 3x the price


The above image clearly shows that the metal cover is indeed a solid piece of artwork. I often joke that you could have a fight with this album, hospitalise your spouse and it’d still be fine for you to look through together again when you’d made up!

Below you can see the leather binding


These next shots show both the ‘Lay flat’ technology of the Graphi binding system, so each page when opened can appear to be one flat surface as opposed to how a normal book looks. You can also see how your favourite shots can have a real WOW factor by being a double-page spread, so you can make the most impact even with the smallest 20x30cm album as this would be a 40x30cm shot; and in the 25x35cm album its a whopping 50x35cm!


This shot below shows the relative size difference between the 20x30cm album and the next size up at 25x35cm. It doesn’t sound like much of a jump in size does it, but in your hands its a HUGE difference. I’ve even been asked for a bigger version sometimes too and sold a few at 30x40cm, which is a giant of an album; Graphi can go MASSIVE though if you really want to make a statement as there is the option for a 40x50cm one !!! Not so much a coffee-table album as a coffee table all by itself if you added legs to it


The above & below images show the most common option couples buy – Parents’ Albums

In the ‘olden days’ where you only had perhaps 30 photos to choose from, your parents would often choose a few photos to have in their own mini-album; they can of course still do that today, but a far cheaper and more sensible option is for them to have a smaller copy of the design you choose, so their Parents’ Album is really a copy of your own larger album; and the way Graphi produce these means you can buy two copies at 15x20cm (the size shown here) for the same price as one larger one. Having exact copies of the design of your album means there’s no design fee element involved, and hence no cost for the design work either, which is how they are able to save literally hundreds of £s by having a smaller copy of your album than them choosing their own design


Should you even have a Wedding Album though?

In my opinion, all costs aside – YES

Its a fixed, tangible way of showing your favourite photos and how ‘funny’ you both looked to the next, and next and even next generation of your family; and unlike digital only copies of your Wedding photos you can’t lose it all in a hard-drive failure, or because (10-20+) years from now computers of the future cannot read the format of your Wedding photos!

I appreciate that a Wedding Album is not high on many couple’s priority list, and that digital files can be owned for a lower cost, but if you can – HAVE BOTH

Digital files to share on such as Facebook, but a physical album to share with immediate family, your children perhaps, cuddled up on the sofa while you relive the story of your FAB Wedding Day – the perfect combination



Speak soon



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