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Lake District Photography Holidays

Lake District Photography Holidays

All of the following images were taken on a 5-day Lake District Photography Holiday I organised for November 2014, where I hired a 6 bedroom house close to Keswick for 10 persons in total

Here’s a Gallery of what I captured during this break with all the images presented in the order they were taken, although we lost the last day entirely due to poor weather

This is not just a ‘best of’ but is intended to give you a more useful insight into what range can be achieved if you allow yourself a few days in a venue rather than hoping for a single hit of a good day’s weather


I shot these images using a variety of techniques for both shutter speed and aperture. The slowest shutter speed images were of pre-dawn in Ambleside (the bluer three) where I was shooting at up to 30 seconds

The vast majority of my images were captured handheld and NONE of them had a filter on the lens at all

I know there’s a HUGE belief in using GNDs (Graduated Neutral Density filters) to reduce the contrast between the sky & land but I actually think they are borderline pointless in landscapes such as the Lake District; I’ll be making my case for why in a future BLOG 🙂

I rarely use a tripod unless the shutter speed is so low camera-shake may result, why? Simply because tripods slow me down, and while I totally agree that this can be useful to those newer to shooting Landscapes, and its certainly something I encourage people to do on my Lake District Landscape Photography Courses, it can mean you lose great shots while tinkering with a tripod’s legs

I MUCH prefer the freedom to move around and shoot quickly using a technique I refer to as STSOOI (I might explain that acronym later, but for now you’ll have to guess lol)

So if you like these sorts of images & wish you’d taken some of them yourself, and you’d also like a break in the most beautiful part of England (and yes, that hurts saying that as a Yorkie!) then please CONTACT ME

whether that’s for a 1-2-1 day trip;

a 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 with your best mates;

to attend a day course with up to 7 others;

or a full blown Lake District Photography Holiday of 3 to 7 days

I look forward to passing on some of my passion for this subject to you soon 🙂



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