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When I’m not out shooting as a Lake District Wedding Photographer then I’m either teaching or just shooting for fun, as was the case this week on a stroll I had in Manchester

Its all well & good these days to roam around with everything from a super-wideangle to a long telephoto zoom, but being able to shoot ‘everything’ isn’t much of a challenge, and at worst it can leave you a little confused as to exactly what you should be shooting

I like to avoid these issues, and especially when teaching (and hopefully inspiring) too, by limiting myself to just one lens and more specifically one focal length

So for this Photowalk I had just a Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens with me, which is just about the cheapest lens you can buy – so you have no excuse not to have one!

So here’s my take on a stroll around Manchester starting out close to city centre and going via Castlefield and along the canal too. There’s some awesome graffiti in places, and some great textures to be had too on the various walls, posts and even older canal boats

Please let me know if you’d like to join me on such a Photowalk, and especially if you’d like any guidance too as we go

The photos then…


Wedding Photographer Cumbria and Windermere


Here shooting as a lover of being a Lake District Wedding Photographer 🙂