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“Reflecting on London”

Reflecting on London

As someone offering Lake District Landscape Photography Courses and Lake District Landscape Photography Holidays this may come as a bit of a surprise set of images, but there’s a story behind them so I thought I’d tell it and share the images too

Last year I had shot my panel for my LRPS submission (the story of that is here ‘How to shoot for your LRPS‘) and while waiting to see if I was successful or not I had a 3 day trip to London with my wife. Now wifey & I view a trip to London in entirely different ways, for her its Bond Street and shopping, for me its early starts and all day shooting images – we do meet up on an evening though for a meal or show (or both)  🙂

‘Doing’ London by yourself as a photographer can be a bit lonely, so I organised a meeting day with some of my Talk Photography forum mates and after meeting close to the Gherkin, off we went for a day’s shooting (I’d already been out & about for 4 hours prior to that meeting as I’d started out at 6:00 a.m.)

I was effectively doing a reccie for an idea I’d had on shooting for my Associate panel (ARPS) with the Royal Photographic Society, which might seem a bit cocky as I hadn’t yet been awarded my LRPS, but my idea was about capturing many of London’s most iconic landmarks as reflections in other things – hence the title “Reflecting on London”

Shortly after my return home I decided that as a Lake District Landscape Photography Course tutor it might make more sense to have an A-panel that was actually shot in the Lake District (I’m working on that at the mo) and hence I ditched the idea of using my London trip’s images for my A-panel


Using reflections

Whether I’m shooting a mirrored reflection of a mountain in the Lakes, a boat detail on a canal or a Bride applying her lipstick I absolutely LOVE reflections, and the aim for this London shoot was to use as many different forms of reflection I could. What you’ll see next uses windows in other impressive buildings, windows in parked cars, a bus windscreen (I had to jump out into and quickly out of traffic for that one!!!), a puddle, a telephone box,  a shop and 2 cafe’s windows

The key to finding these is to learn to ‘see’ rather than just ‘look’

I was using reflections as part of my fundamental principle of “looking behind you”, which I hammer home on every Landscape Photography Course or presentation I do, as its often the case that in heading for the obvious shot in front you’ll miss a potentially more interesting one along the way; stopping every so often and looking behind you will often throw up some real opportunities that can so easily be missed


If you’d like to join me for a day’s shooting in the Lakes, a seascape somewhere or even a city, then please CONTACT ME and I’ll add you to my growing email distribution list for forthcoming meets & events. You can of course book a day out with me as a 1-2-1 or even with a couple of mates as a 3-2-1 if you’d like some proper intensive hands-on tuition too, just get in touch and we’ll sort something out tailored to your ability level  🙂


The 15 potential ARPS images I chose…

The Lloyds building reflected in a parked car’s windscreen, note the wipers at the bottom

The London Eye reflected in a toilet !!! The figures are the Male & Female signsNelson’s Columns in a telephone boxSt. Paul’s in a puddleWestminster Abbey in a puddleNelson’s Column again in a cafeLondon Bridge in a cafe. Shooting this one drew lots of attention including a Security Guard who was fascinated by what I was doing and said he’d never seen anyone do that beforeBig Ben in a bus window, shot quickly while it was stationary in trafficThe Monument I’m not exactly sure what this was reflected in, it looked a bit like an electricity substationHorse Guards in a puddle – and yes I was very lucky with the weather as it rained a lot, which meant I had some useful puddles, but it wasn’t raining when I wanted to take a shot The Gherkin my fav building of the newer designs, reflection in older building behind itTate Gallery in a puddleEros in Piccadilly Square in a shop windowAdmiralty Arch in a parked estate car – I asked the guy sitting in it if he’d mind – he didn’t mind, but it was clear he thought I was a nutter  😀Gherkin again in a BWM X5


And one final word – I am a Barnsley Wedding Photographer and a Lake District Wedding Photographer too, and I do indeed run courses on how you can become either a part-time Wedding Photographer or indeed a full-time one too; so if you feel that taking Wedding Photographs is something you’d be interested in then again CONTACT ME to open discussions about training. Cheers  🙂



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