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Salford Quays – April 2014

Salford Quays

27th April 2014


So what does a Barnsley Wedding Photographer or even a Wedding Photographer Barnsley do for a bit of fun on a day off ???

Take photos of course !!!

‘Day off’ is probably not strictly accurate as I, and a few others, had a business meeting over in Manchester which finished about 4:30 p.m. and that is NOT a good time to be heading home, so instead we headed a few miles across town to take a few snaps and have tea 🙂

This area of Salford Quays is the new home of the BBC and ITV and is referred to as Media Centre for obvious reasons

It offers so much opportunity for urban landscapes that I’ll be devoting one of my Landscape Photography Courses to it soon, but for now, here’s some images taken over just a couple of hours as the sun went down on a highly productive April day…


1 – this is one of the most ‘obvious’ buildings to photograph, the impressive (and odd) Imperial War Museum, North, (IWM). I’ve shot this many times over the years from all angles. It can be very tricky at times to balance the light without blowing large areas of it as its so reflective, but later in the day is often best or on days with whispy clouds to reduce the harsh light. As this building is all about shape and pattern, and its pretty much devoid of colour, it clearly suits B&W processing well

2 – one of the most important Tips I share on my Lake District Landscape Photography Courses (and obviously elsewhere too) is to turn around from time to time and consider what’s behind you. Here around 5 photographers were all pointing cameras in the direction of the IWM so I applied my own Tip and saw this woman engaged in conversation on her phone, and yet still giving me an image of the IWM behind me. This is probably my favourite image of the day and partly as no-one else ‘saw’ it or certainly shot it. Getting the same image as everyone else is a great learning tool and something I actively encourage in my courses, but so is being an individual and shooting your own way too

3 – this is a simple enough image shot back towards the Lowry Centre

4 – again looking for that different shot, using a wide aperture to help isolate the main point of interest from the background

5 – for some people converging verticals (where buildings lean over) is a No-No and they will strive to ‘correct’ then either in Photoshop or by using cameras &/or lenses that can move the lens off-axis – what’s known as tilt-shift. Sometimes though its just not possible to do that and make it look real, so there’s an area of artistry that comes into play

This was shot on a super-wideangle lens and hence there was no option at all to correct it at the shooting, and doing so in Photoshop would stretch the image so much as to make it look stupid. Hence I’m happy to embrace that distortion and make it an integral part of my image

6 – another super-wideangle shot where the point of focus is only a few inches from the front of the lens, yet the Depth of Field (area of acceptable sharpness) stretches far into the image

7 – golden Sun reflecting off of a golden coloured building makes for a simple image. The branches top-right are deliberately included as a means of holding your eye within the image and helping to focus attention on the main subject, the golden building

8 – another simple shot and striking composition that was actually much harder to shoot than you may think. The ITV sign changes colour, not to the eye though, and it took some experimenting to capture it fully lit

9 – I’m a great lover of the reflected image and will hunt them down everywhere I go

10 – another simple image which is all about lines and shades

11 – another simple image which requires time to exactly place the central vertical exactly in the centre of the image and make it exactly vertical too

12 – I ‘saw’ this image several minutes before it happened. Lots of people were crossing this bridge but I wanted a lone cyclist, and that took time waiting for him. Then I shot it on ‘burst’ mode to ensure I got him exactly where I wanted him in the image and between the wires – even so, a hint of luck really helps at times

13 & 14 – show the amazing IWM building again and this time also showing how the light under the bridge changes too. It makes for a striking image but if you take too long an exposure the changing lights all eventually record as white, so its a timing issue to make the best of it

15 – and this final image had me packing away the camera for the night. ‘Night-time’ photography is best shot before true darkness falls as the contrast becomes too high. This image is probably 5-10 mins past optimum, hence it was my last of the evening


If you enjoyed looking at these images and would like to join me for a day’s shoot & tuition too at the awesome Salford Quays, and I hope the short descriptions helped, then please get in touch with this Barnsley Wedding Photographer or even me as a Wedding Photographer Barnsley ; you can CONTACT ME to be put on my email distribution list for info of upcoming course dates & venues

Although I do undertake Group training days its far better to book me for a day all to yourself,

or with just 1-2 mates, for a far more hands-on learning experience

Happy snapping 🙂

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