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Sheffield at 50mm f1.4

Sheffield at 50mm f1.4

July 2014

As a Barnsley Wedding Photographer, or even a Wedding Photographer Barnsley, one of the things you really MUST do is to keep setting yourself challenges; both to exercise your creativity and to fully master the equipment so the handling of the camera & lens combinations you have becomes 2nd nature

In July 2014 a colleague and good friend of mine, and a fellow Barnsley Wedding Photographer to boot, Ricky Carrington (you can see his website here Ricky Carrington Photography) and I realised that we’d both bought an almost identical piece of new equipment and at the same time – a Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens

The 50mm lens has for donkey’s years been described as the ‘standard’ lens as its field of view is quite close to how the human eye sees things around us too. In the olden days of film cameras (20+ years ago) most cameras were sold with a 50mm lens of some kind, but today its a much ignored lens mostly as everyone now prefers a mid-range zoom, typically with a range of 17-55mm or 24-70mm; so why did we both buy a 50mm then you may ask???

Well, the thing that makes this lens so interesting is the f1.4 aperture

The smaller the number the ‘faster’ the lens, which means it gathers in more light than mid-range zooms and you can carry on shooting as it gets dark where many other lenses would have you packing the camera away

The other interesting feature concerns what’s known as Depth of Field – which roughly translates as the area of acceptable sharpness in an image. The bigger the number (i.e. f16) the longer the area of acceptable sharpness is, and conversely the smaller the number (such as f1.4) the narrower the area of sharpness is. Shooting at f1.4 has a tendency to make the foreground and background fall out of focus really quite quickly, which helps to place emphasis on the subject itself

So the challenge was set !!!

We agreed to have a ‘Shootout’ to see who could get the best set of images from a walkabout in Sheffield where we were both limited to ONLY using the f1.4 aperture setting

What follows then are my set of images,

presented in the order taken

You may notice evidence of photos being taken in pubs and other establishment selling beer, well all I’m saying is that neither of us were driving and it was a thirsty day –

a VERY VERY VERY thirsty day lol 🙂



If you enjoyed looking at these images and would like to join me for a day’s challenge & tuition too at a city venue of your choice, then please get in touch with this Barnsley Wedding Photographer or even me as a Wedding Photographer Barnsley  ; you can CONTACT ME to be put on my email distribution list for info of upcoming course dates & venues

Although I do undertake Group training days its far better to book me for a day all to yourself,

or with just 1-2 mates, for a far more hands-on learning experience

Happy snapping 🙂

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