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Sheffield walk – with 50mm

Sheffield walk – with 50mm

Once again, for personal development as a Barnsley Wedding Photographer or even as a Lake District Wedding Photographer, I went for a walk to shoot anything I fancied that stretched both my own creativity and challenged my observational skills with a touch of Street Photography too

So here are the results and an explanation of the thought processes behind what I shot (you’ll soon realise I have a wacky mind at times lol)


So we started the day off with a (cough) healthy breakfast at Ed’s Diner, Meadowhall, some lovely stuff for breakie too – well worth you dropping in to try it

Flicking through the playlist I found Summertime Blues, which at the time seemed appropriate as the weather was pants initially

Having set off on my 4+ mile walk I crossed the bridge and found these two workers not looking all that dangerous, and not working either!

While the river often stinks it still has some pleasant touches of wildlife

SPEEDY – drew may attention for the simple geometry of the sign, building and sky, but also that the sign was the same colour (nearly) as both the building and sky too

The B&W railing shot was merely as an appealing change on the walk, it goes from Out-of-Focus (OoF) into-focus and back OoF due to the f2 aperture used

More pretty wildlife in such an industrial area

Could this be Britain’s LEAST welcoming sign for the Reception area of a business?

But the image actually appeals through the differing textures and tones, and I guess because “A touch of Red” is also a very common theme for camera clubs

This is part of a VERY long wall on the same industrial steel fabrication building as the next shot, though they give a totally different impression of latter-day success

Again attracted by texture, tone and colour too – but with a hint of humour that Valeting is all about making something look nice, new and inviting – maybe they should use some of those same skills on their signage?

The patterns & colours of this image all work together nicely, but the message of the wording is the most striking feature. I shot this image several times with cars, vans, nothing and finally decided that a person would be best, and this was my favourite place to put him as he draws your attention to the word ‘tomorrow’ too. ‘Tomorrow’ for me is an important part of the text as its nonsensical in that tomorrow never comes, and its pretty safe to say we’ll never wake up to a day without music too

This version is all about the tonal range in the image, and being B&W it really makes the writing stand out. Its actually an uncropped shot yet perfectly framed, and purely by coincidence too as I could neither get closer nor further away – what I’d call a happy fluke then

The attraction of this next image is really the contrast between the relatively clean and geometric looking building in the background and the crappy wall signage in the foreground nicely set-off by their contrasting colour too

A simple ‘New & Old’ shot, though impressive that they can build such a big new building that close to a crappy old one without it being in the way

These next two ‘spider’ images are part of an oddly designed bridge that weaves its way under the road/rail arches suspended over the river. I’m guessing the liberal use of wires to hang the bridge’s walkway inspired the spider theme

This is just a simple record shot showing where I was at the time, and with the end of the ‘spider’ bridge in the background

From this next image onwards I had arrived in city centre Sheffield, and I switched into my version of observational ‘Street Photography’

A great deal of what I see as ‘Street’ (its usually referred to by this shorter name within the hip-dude Street-togging community lol) is merely people going about their normal daily business, usually having a fag too. Such images usually bore me as there is nothing at all special or especially interesting about them for me. I also abhor those images showing down & out and desperate people, usually homeless, looking their worst as to me this is a kind of photographic ‘abuse’; where the photographer is going for an image of impact and taking something from the destitute person but so rarely giving anything back, even if that’s only a cup of tea, a fag or a bottle of Vodka!

So in my ‘Street’ I’m usually looking for something that (to me) tells a story, is visually appealing and often has a hint of humour in it too. It seems I have an odd outlook here, so you’ll have to bear with me in some of these next shots

“Quicksilver” – I saw this shop name and wondered if I could find something quick & silver, or even things that were the exact opposite of quick, but that were still silver. My thoughts ran to little old-ladies with grey hair shuffling along; a young chav in a silver shell-suit running by;  to a silver car zooming passed and blurred due to its speed; but in the end I settled for Irony – so here we have a silver car stood in traffic and being anything but ‘quick-silver’

As soon as I saw this “LOOK BOTH WAYS” sign I knew exactly the image I wanted, which was going to be two people ideally, but more was ok, that were looking in exactly opposite directions. While I did achieve this in these two images (taken about 5 mins apart due to traffic and inconsiderate people not looking in the right directions!!!) they are a bit overly fussy. I think this is worth another go sometime

The appeal in this image was all about the “WE ARE MOVING” poster, and then finding some way to show people moving through the image. Without a ND filter, and thus a tripod too, I just couldn’t get the shutter speed slow enough to blur the movement of people walking past this window, and this was the closest I got to showing movement in the guys walking by

As I walk along I spot signs over shops and even shop names that instantly make me think of images. This one ‘beauty’ is a common one to find as its on BOOTS frontage. I found this shop and moved backwards until I could frame the word ‘beauty’ in the top left and the + sign in the top right; this framing is important I feel as with the + in it its now suggesting help, i.e. “We can help you achieve beauty”

All I had to do then was wait for the right people to walk by in an uncluttered scene and job done. Sadly, although I kept this one position for over 10 minutes there were just too many folk walking by so the image was always cluttered; and at the few times it wasn’t the ‘wrong’ person was walking by. This was the best of the bunch I caught on this occasion

If you fancy doing the same at a BOOTS local to you here’s a tip from me – IF you include the + sign, then as that suggests ‘help’ DON’T shoot a beautiful subject, shoot an ugly one who actually needs help !!! If a beautiful subject walks by then crop out the + sign, job done!

I waited for a VERY old person to walk by this charity shop, sadly this woman was the oldest

This just appealed to me in that this nearest chap is reading a book outside of a book store, nothing more than that

Unlike most of my Street images where I ‘see’ an image in my mind and then wait for something to happen to make it work this was a real grab shot. I turned around and saw these two young women walking towards me and at the same time I noticed both her River Island bag and that she was framed by the River Island shop behind her – two seconds later I’d raised the camera and fired off the one image – YAY – except, only later did I realise that by still shooting at f2 the River Island shop would actually be so OoF you can’t see the relationship between her bag & the shop – bugger

But I still like the image so here it is

This is nothing more than what it looks like, a pretty image taken while sat on the floor waiting for an image to happen – it didn’t

At this point I was on my way back to the railway station where you pass this enormous water feature and right at the end of it I noticed this woman sat alone, a fraction of a second later I also noticed her water bottle and in my mind I immediately remembered the mariners’ line, from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner about the ocean and thirst that goes…

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

But with a crazy humour filled and pun loving mind like mine I saw ALL this undrinkable water all around her and this small bottle by her side and I saw it as…

Water water everywhere and not a… ooh look I have some

Maybe its just my mind that thinks in these abstract ways lol – but I thought it was funny and hence I took the shot

Popping into the railway station pub I noticed an array of guest beers, but being a Barnsley & Lake District Wedding Photographer this one just JUMPED out at me !!!

While checking the board for the 3:10 train (yep, it was late) I noticed this terrible bit of grammar too, it made me chuckle

Now pretty much bored I simply shot what was directly in front of me, the train and platform, but the yellow bit of the train, the yellow rubbish on the track and the very OoF yellow line on the platform all made it a shot worth taking for me

And finally – this shot is all about longing – longing for the sodding train to arrive lol

So there you have it folks, and insight into the mind of me on a Photowalk

If you’d like to join me sometime then all the better, just get in touch and suggest a venue

Cities or large towns are usually best. Cheers




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