Split-fee Wedding Photography package

What is the “Split-fee” system and why is it so popular?

Also called my ‘Shoot & Decide Later’ option

It’s a simple and incredibly popular idea I developed back in 2005, which has since been adopted by more than 45 of the Wedding Photographers I’ve trained, as well as some of my friends and colleagues too

Essentially, it ‘splits’ the traditional Wedding Photography Package into 2 parts:

  1. everything that leads up to shooting your Wedding & editing your Wedding Photos for Proofing; and
  2. everything that happens AFTER your Wedding with regards to you having a Wedding Album, Printable Photos or BOTH

So there is an initial fee to liaise, plan, shoot and show your Wedding as edited images in an online Gallery, so that’s all you pay for BEFORE your Wedding; and, a 2nd fee where you can decide AFTER your Wedding what to do next – so either have all your Edited License Free Printable Photos for you to print yourself and not to bother with a Wedding Album, or perhaps to have a beautiful Graphistudio Wedding album with your choice of images; or even to have BOTH


The main benefits to you of  “Shoot & Decide Later” are:

  • that it’s FAR easier on your pocket !!!
  • Most Yorkshire & Lake District Wedding Photographers require you to pay for everything BEFORE your Wedding, and I just don’t think that’s the fairest or most affordable means of funding your Wedding Photography for most people, its an old system geared-up for your Photographer rather than you
  • how do you know BEFORE your Wedding how many photos you’ll want to put in your album ??? Surely its best to first see your photos and then decide how many to put in how big a Wedding Album ??? Most modern Brides certainly think so when given the option
  • you can ask your Guests for a contribution to your Wedding Album rather than let them buy you your 11th toaster !!! So its a more efficient use of their Gifting, its also more flexible and easier for them too than hunting for the perfect Wedding Gift
  • all you have to do is to pay £250 of your shoot fee to reserve your booking
  • pay the remainder of your shoot fee 28 days BEFORE your wedding
  • you then choose and pay for your album and/or any other products AFTER your wedding at a time to suit you – that could be weeks or months later as your funds allow
  • so if your Wedding is stretching your budget to or beyond bursting this is a simple means of you being able to receive the great Wedding Photography you want in a more affordable way


£575 – Shoot fee – this is the total fee payable before your wedding

  • Up to 8 hours coverage; extendable for just £45 per hour (max 12 hours)
  • Pre-wedding consultation to help you plan your timings for the day and discuss any special requests
  • digital download of all your edited photos for proofing
  • Travel included
  • Either a blog or Facebook preview so you can have a quick look at a few images while you are on honeymoon
  • Professional image post production work


  • Pre-Wedding / Engagement Shoot available for just £195 which includes all images available for download by your family and friends
  • Second Photographer also available for £350 – however, unless you REALLY want shots of you BOTH getting ready, and you aren’t getting ready in the same hotel, then a 2nd Photographer is of no benefit, it certainly doesn’t help me and obviously gives me far more photos to edit too hence the significant cost



Post-Wedding options start at just £350 for Digital Files and £415 for a Graphistudio Wedding album

Graphi Studio Story Book, Young Book or Digital files – choose and pay for AFTER your wedding

Why Graphistudio??? Graphistudio is the world’s most recognised premium brand in the field of Storybook (also known as Coffee Table) Wedding Albums on the market today. They took the time old tradition of Italian handmade binding and combined it with the most contemporary digital technologies to give creative professionals & you as our clients an unlimited opportunity for creativity to design something truly unique

There are endless styles, colours, papers, finishes, covers, storage and page options available ensuring your Wedding Album will be truly uniquely yours – the permutations run into the MILLIONS



Next Steps – chances are your heads are spinning with all the ideas & options available, so…

In short, we need to have a chat about your day to discuss your requirements, desires and your vision for your perfect day in more detail; this will give you the chance to ask any questions you may have and it will also give you time to have a look at some of the products available for you to make your own perfect unique Wedding Photography package – CONTACT ME

If you do decide to book we will provide you with some standard T&C’s to read and sign and we will require a £250 Booking Fee. Then we will have an amazing day together, resulting in hundreds of superb photographs for you to remember it all by…… forever !!!  🙂



It is of course vitally important too that you choose the right Wedding Photographer for you, so someone who’s style you love and obviously within your price range too, but there’s much more to it than that; so have a read here for How to Choose your Wedding Photographer and here for your Split-fee Wedding Photography Packages

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