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The Wedding Photography pricing rip-off !!!

The Wedding Photography RIP-OFF !!!

Well this is certainly how I see it – Brides BEWARE !!!

I make no apologies for this sounding like a rant, as

it pee’s me off enormously that so many think this is an acceptable way to work


First, you find a Photographer who’s work you like in a price range you can afford, so you go to see them

You are offered a package that includes a Wedding Album, typically 20 pages (though sometimes 30, maybe more)

It seems a good price, probably at the top end of your budget, but you happily book 🙂


The RIP-OFF technique

After your Wedding your photographer leaves you to pick just 50 images from the 500+ you’re given to choose from, as most albums work at about 2.5 images per page as a good average

Naturally if the images are good you’ll realise 50 isn’t nearly enough, so you come back with a list of 100

You’re effectively asking for another 20 pages, thus you want to upgrade your 20-page package to a 40-page one

This upgrade of your Wedding Album from a 20 page one to a 40 page one gives the RIP-OFF Photographer his opportunity to take the P !!!



I’ll explain at the end how you can spot this

and walk away from the RIP-OFF merchant


You need to follow the maths now to see where the rip-off comes from, and this example comes from a recent Wedding Photography Sales & Marketing presentation I attended where they explained it as…

NB: in most albums you can only buy pages in 2s as a double-page ‘spread’ – the industry talks in ‘spreads’ rather than pages

The couple buys a 30 page package for £1,000 and then they choose enough images for an extra 20 pages (so 10 extra spreads)

As their Photographer you tell them each spread is £100, so their upgrade is going to cost them 10 spreads x £100 =  £1,000; the Photographer has turned a £1,000 package into a £2,000 sale !!! (sounds dodgy eh)

(it continues)

If they can’t afford that, then you tell them you can offer them a 50% discount IF they buy right NOW (definitely dodgy now if they can afford to throw away 50% of the cost)

This RIP-OFF works because the couple think they are saving £500 and hence buy the upgrade; the Photographer has turned a £1,000 package into a £1,500 sale for almost NO EXTRA WORK


But here’s the confusing thing…

In the 30-page package for £1,000 you initially bought it included…

  • the initial consultation time
  • sometimes a ‘free’ pre-wedding shoot
  • a full day of the Photographer’s time to shoot your Wedding
  • at least another full day or two of the Photographer’s time to edit your Wedding
  • a significant element towards his equipment costs, membership fees, computers & software upgrades blah blah blah – the costs of being a photographer!
  • you also paid for the time taken to design a 30-page album AND the album’s cost

So how the Hell can you have all of that for £1,000 (so £33 a page)

but the extra 20 pages costs £50 a page???



You’re being charged at a HIGHER RATE than to cover 3 days work and costs but for something that takes an hour or two

And what’s even dafter, is that you can pretty much GUARANTEE the difference between the Photographer’s 30-page and 50-page package bought in advance won’t be anything like as much as the upgrade now suggests it is !!! IT’S CRAZY

So how do they get away with it you wonder – SIMPLES – they now have the photos of your FAB Wedding and you can’t have them without paying this RIP-OFF price increase


Here’s how to avoid this rip-off…

If you buy a package based on a set number of pages ASK how much each additional 2 pages will be if you need more pages, and get that IN WRITING (email is fine)

Imagine you go for a 30-page album package at £1,000, at its most basic each page is then costing about £33

If you ask how much to upgrade your album AFTER your Wedding and the cost per page is £33 or more, you’re being RIPPED-OFF

WALK AWAY from this Photographer NOW !!!

By comparison…

The costs of my Wedding Album upgrades is typically around £9 per page,

so a 20 page upgrade of your album from me will be around £180


Why am I warning you about this?

Because I HATE how we’ve turned into RIP-OFF BRITAIN 🙁

It’s NOT necessary and its NOT how I do it

CONTACT ME NOW to arrange a meeting

Great Photography & Great Pricing need not be a rip-off

🙂 🙂 🙂


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