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How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer – FAQs

PLEASE NOTE: – there is a pdf document of this, please Contact Us for us to email you it; you can then print it and take it with you to your meetings with other Wedding Photographers

Every time a firm closes or makes redundancies another ‘professional Barnsley or Lake District Wedding Photographer’ appears on the scene, this is an unfortunate consequence of there currently being no regulation in this industry, leading to the kinds of Horror Stories that hit the national press


So how do you know who’s genuine and who’s a chancer???

To help guide you, we’ve prepared a whole list of FAQs for you to ask EVERY Wedding Photographer to ensure you get the coverage & service you want & deserve. If your Photographer cannot answer positively & immediately to these then don’t just walk away… RUN AWAY !!!


Are you a Professionally Qualified Wedding Photographer???

If you had a water or gas leak would you employ any old chap with a spanner or would you prefer a Qualified/Registered Plumber?

Qualifications are a sign that your Photographer has pride in their work, sufficiently enough to allow themselves to be judged by their peers. Its about advancing your own ability by measuring yourself against others. Its about proving your worth as a Photographer. If they don’t value their own work sufficiently to gain qualifications, why should you value them either!!!


Are you a member of a Professional body???

Being a member of a Professional body brings many benefits for the Barnsley & Lake District Wedding Photographer, but it’s also a measure of Peace of Mind for you too. There are usually Codes of Practice one has to adhere by, membership also gives you someone to act as Adjudicator in the event of a complaint. But most of all it means your Photographer can network with other Photographers, and building up such networks is vital in the event of injury or illness to help ensure coverage of your Wedding


Can I see a copy of your current Insurance Certificate???

This is not Insurance to cover for a dropped camera, so much as to cover YOU in the event of something going horribly wrong and your Wedding needing a reshoot in some part. Its also about protecting You and Your Guests in the event of an accident involving the Photographer’s equipment


Do we get a Contract clearly stating what’s what???

Any Wedding Photographer operating without a solid, clear Wedding Contract is an IDIOT !!! A contract protects both you & your Photographer by clearly stating what’s included in the service you are paying for. It needs to be long enough to cover the essentials but not so long you are put off reading it. Clarity is vital for both parties


What happens if you are ill or injured for our Wedding???

Wedding Photography tends not to attract those prone to illness, but it does happen so your Photographer MUST have a plan for this eventuality. Commonly, the solution is that through Society/Association membership the ill Photographer could quickly call upon a whole bunch of colleagues that may be able to step in at the last minute. I have organised various meetings for my local SWPP members and can call on at least 10 of those in such an eventuality; additionally I am party to an active Private Forum of over 230 Professional Photographers, so coverage is pretty much a certainty


Can we see several full sets of real Wedding photos???

Many of my couples opt for the option of a high quality Proofing Album, capable of holding up to 700 images. I routinely buy one myself too to keep as examples of recent Weddings I’ve covered. At any one time I have up to 10 all from the last 12 months you are welcome to view. Additionally, I can offer passwords of some Weddings online too if you’d like to view a few whole Weddings prior to meeting with me


Are any photos on your website from actual Weddings???

Every Wedding Photo on my website is from a Wedding I have covered myself as the main (usually sole) Barnsley or Lake District Wedding Photographer. Additionally, there are some taken of models on shoots I’ve organised or as training days I’ve been on. These are clearly separated from the Wedding Photography galleries and are there merely to inspire you as to having your own fun day’s shooting, or for such as a Treasure your Dress shoot; where you have your hair & make-up redone, don your Dress and we go out somewhere special to shoot you in a more glamour/fashion/WOW way than was suitable or possible on your actual Wedding day


How many photos will I see from my Wedding???

A typical full-day’s Wedding may result in up to 1,500 image being taken. These are then edited to remove anything unflattering, test shots, repeated shots (taken to hopefully avoid blinking) and anything technically at fault. The result is usually 350-500 images showing the full story of your fabulous Wedding, and all will be presented as ‘Print Ready’. This means they are final images ready to go into your Album or simply to create a FAB printed photo. Many of those images, at my discretion, will also have effects applied to WOW you and show the image in what I feel is its best light; and several may be in Black & White too


Can I buy my Wedding photos to print myself???

Yes of course you can

I have no idea why so many Wedding Photographers say ‘No’ to this simple and obvious request. As you will see we have options for you to own your images License Free (this means you can do as you wish with them – something often wrongly referred to as Copyright free)

Option 1 – is that we know at the outset that you want ALL your prepared images License Free. This is most suitable for someone who definitely doesn’t want an album (although you can of course change your mind later). So if there are 300, 400 even 500 or more edited & print ready images you will receive them all

Option 2 – is similar in that the end result is the same, its just that you make this decision AFTER your Wedding rather than before

Option 3 – is that you choose to have a smaller album, such as 20 pages or less, and you buy the images too

Option 4 – with any album of 30 pages or more your edited images come FREE of charge for your personal storage & use


Do you shoot RAW or JPEG???

This is a technical question but the accepted rule is that Professional Wedding Photographers should shoot in RAW format. There are a host of reasons for this but as the files created need further processing by software on a computer it gives you an indication of professionalism


Can we have a Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shoot???

Yes of course. A Pre-Wedding shoot is a great way to get to know your Photographer and for them to get to see how you are in front of a lens. It is not common to do these shoots at your Wedding Venue as many think this takes the edge off their Wedding photos. Close to Barnsley Monk Bretton Priory or Cannon Hall are good venues, and pretty much anywhere in the Lake District is great for this, but any wood, lakeland or interesting place will do just fine

The images from your Pre-Wedding shoot can then also be used for a Signature Portrait – where one photo is mounted onto a large mount which your Guests can sign at your Wedding; alternatively, it’s a nice touch to give smaller framed photos to your parents as gifts at your Wedding too


Do you do a Pre-Wedding visit of our Venue(s) with us???

Frankly, this is vital to making your Wedding day run as smoothly as possible. Its a planning tool where we can walk around your Venue(s) discuss timings and plan an actual route for your Wedding Photography on the day; including discussing a plan for lousy weather. The main point of this planning is to give you more confidence on how your day will play out, and that when you are whisked away for some private shooting time, it won’t take too long that you miss your party but it’ll take long enough to give you a wide variety of images


How long should we allow for photos after our Wedding ceremony???

Being a Wedding Photographer means loving to shoot photos, so the longer the better for the Photographer; but taking you away from your Wedding, your Guests & the Party for too long is not really a good idea however great the resulting photos may be. A balance has to be struck, but if we can have at least 20-30 mins alone with you as the newly married couple then that’s great

Even better is that often there is ‘spare’ time not only immediately after the Group photos but again after the Wedding Breakfast as your venue turns-around the room for your evening bash. This added opportunity can be useful for some more adventurous photography, or even where the earlier stint had to be curtailed due to the weather


How many Group photos do you take???

Group photos are usually seen as a necessary evil by everyone concerned. None of your Guests want to be in them, but your mum especially wants them. The key to successful Group shots is keeping their number to as few as possible, and ideally anything less than 8

Even moving quickly, which is rare, your Guests won’t like being herded around too much so a rough rule of thumb is to allow 2-3 mins per Group shot. Hence a big list could easily mean there’s no time for photos of you as the happy couple !!! Its also important to have your Best Man &/or Ushers involved as they know people and can prepare one Group while another is being shot; this significantly speeds up the process


Can our Guests take their own photos?

Absolutely!!! Its their day too. Again some Photographers won’t allow it, but so long as we (as your paid Wedding Photographer) have your attention when we need it, your guests are welcome to step in and snap away merrily

The only time we do not allow another Photographer to be present is on our ‘Private time’ with you alone as the newlywed couple


Will our Guests & Family be able to see our photos online???

That’s entirely up to you. Your photos will usually go online in a Password protected gallery, so if you allow your Guests to know what the password is then of course they can view them. Canny Guests know the Password is usually the Bride’s new surname, so if you don’t wish them to view we need to know and we can simply add a random letter or number to confuse them. Additionally, and from 2015’s season onwards, we now have a new online gallery where your family & guests can actually order photos themselves; there are a range of print options from simple 6×4″ loose prints to HUGE framed wall art and canvas prints too, all easily ordered through our chosen professional print lab at One Vision Imaging


Do you do ‘Packages’ – they seems so inflexible & boring???

The beauty of packages is that they are usually a wee bit cheaper than the sum of their parts, but the fact that you’re getting exactly the same Album; number of images; look of Album etc. as the last 100 couples is at best disappointing. Your Wedding is UNIQUE to you, so why shouldn’t your Wedding Photography & how its presented be unique to you too

As David Goodier Photography I’m proud to not only offer some of the most competitive Barnsley & Lake District Wedding Photography packages available (based around the World’s best Storybook album supplier, Graphistudio of Italy), but I can also allow for maximum flexibility too by you NOT having to commit yourself to an album before your Wedding at all !!! I operate one of the most flexible, client orientated, services available allowing you to split your overall Wedding Photography fee into a before & after your Wedding. This has a variety of advantages for you, not least being easier on your wallet; please Contact us for full details, a no obligation meeting or just a telephone chat


What sort of Professional training have you undertaken in the last 12 months???

Ongoing training in Photography is all part of being a Wedding Photographer, and anyone committed to their art should be attending at least 2-3 day long events every year to hone their skills, learn new ones and refresh their style. Sadly most Wedding Photographers don’t seem to value such ongoing training, and their work stagnates and becomes boring & formulaic as a result. Aside from formal training events I partake in a variety of professional day shoots with colleagues, and models where necessary, and I’m also a member of online training forums with many of the most respected Wedding Photographers in the World. The simple fact is that I aim to never stop learning and improving my technical & artistic abilities 

How many photos can I have in my Album???

In the ‘package’ scenario then you are usually restricted to a certain number otherwise your Wedding Album can look overly busy and cramped, typically, allow 2.5 images per page for guidance; in our system you can have as few or as many as you like & your budget allows. The largest Storybook albums by the world’s best supplier, GraphiStudio, can be 100 pages and open to 1 metre wide making them HUGE!!! Few ever need more than about 70 pages, and 40-50 is the norm, representing around 90-125 photos


If I book an Album package for 70 photos but I only choose 40 photos to go in it, do I get a refund of the difference???

The short answer is ‘No’, but in reality that’s just never going to be an issue as you’ll have hundreds of photos to choose from. Far more likely with pre-paid Wedding Packages is that you’ll want far MORE photos in your album that your number of pages will allow for, so unless you’ve already bought a 100 page album (the max!!!) then you can always add a few more pages once you’ve seen your photos


Do we have to Book you when we meet with you, or can we think about it???

No. In fact you are welcome to take our advice ,and our guide to How to choose your Wedding Photographer, along with another help document entitled Guide to Wedding Day timings and go investigate others. We’ll hold your date for a further 7 days for you to return should you wish to book

If you do wish to book me then the Booking Fee is just £250 regardless of whatever package you choose


If we book you will you be our Photographer or will it be someone else, and if it is someone else what if we don’t like them???

Presently, David Goodier Photography employs only one Wedding Photographer, and that is me David Goodier BSc Hons LSWPP LRPS

I have no intention of employing others to shoot for me as some others do, so its a good question to ask as you don’t want to pay the Organ Grinders fee and have a Monkey turn up do you !!!


Do we get one Photographer or two at our Wedding???

Presently we operate on the basis of 1 Wedding Photographer per Wedding, and there are a number of advantages to keeping it that way. If you wish to have another Photographer, for example to cover the groom & his party getting ready, then one can be appointed for that role and then stay throughout the rest of your day; the usual additional fee for this is around £200, but we can confirm depending on your specific circumstances. We reserve the right from time to time to have a second Wedding Photographer along for training or assisting purposes, unless otherwise agreed such training assistance will be FREE of charge to you


Can we pay in instalments???

Of course!!! Not everyone has an unlimited budget and being able to pay over a number of months can make life so much easier for many. Your Wedding Shoot Fee must be paid in full prior to your Wedding day, and we will only commence to work on any Albums, etc. orders once they have been paid in full too; so purchasing your Album can be done many weeks or months after your Wedding

Many of our clients love this flexibility as it allows those on smaller budgets to blow more money on their Honeymoon!!!


If you can think of anything else please let us know!!!

Or you could simply pop through for a no obligation chat and find out for yourself why David Goodier Photography is in such great demand as both a Barnsley & Lake District Wedding Photographer. Contact Us or just phone 07921 724 055 to make an appointment NOW. See you soon 🙂

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