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Why I love Landscape Photography

Why do I love Landscape Photography and the Lake District in particular ???

I guess I could just upload a few hundred of my favourite images to kind of answer that one, letting the images alone do the talking as it were, but that doesn’t really say it all, so here goes…

I’ve never really been an ‘inside’ kinda guy always preferring to be out & about somewhere, often anywhere, but the one place where I instantly feel like I’ve come home is when I’m in the Lake District; even as a child camping with my parents this was always the area I most wanted to visit, and despite having traveled to quite a few countries and every County in England & Wales (and so far only a few in Scotland) the Lake District still has the strongest draw on my heart

I have always been enthralled by the natural world of our mother Earth, from the tiniest bug to the vastness of plate tectonics, but I find it fascinating how the landscape of such as the Lake District has been forged over millions of years and far more by just water than any impact Mankind will ever have; it’s ability to remain almost timeless regardless of what we do to it is extraordinary

Why I love Landscape Photography…

It makes me slow down and allows me to appreciate my surroundings. I then try to capture beautiful places in beautiful light to both record my own memories and to share with those not lucky enough to see what I’m seeing

Not being a poet I have no words to convey the feelings of peace & awe that flows from watching a Sunrise or Sunset create & change the mood of the landscape before me within a few moments of time; or the shade & patterns that rolling clouds can create on both a sunny or stormy day

Being a Lake District Landscape Photographer is just one route to an ideal escapism

Sharing my photos gives me great pleasure in knowing others can experience some of the wonder & joy I felt taking them; teaching Landscape Photography to others through Landscape Photography Workshops, 1-2-1s, courses and Landscape Photography Holidays in the stunning Lake District is the absolute pinnacle – to pinch a line from a shaving advert – the best a man can get… 🙂


If you’d like to join me and learn how to improve your own Landscape Photography then take a peek HERE or simply CONTACT ME and we’ll fix a day, or days out, together soonest


Here’s a short series of images all taken by me on a Lake District Landscape Photography Holiday  I organised from 2nd-7th November 2014, this sequence was shot at the ancient Castlerigg Stone Circle on 4th November 2014 from just before Sunrise, the end of the Blue Hour, to just after Sunrise; the first shot being taken at 07.56.52 a.m. and the last 08.27.26 a.m. just 30 minutes 34 seconds later


If you’d like to join me to shoot something similar then CONTACT ME – now 🙂

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