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Why I love teaching

Why do I love to teach photography?

Well, its probably a cliche to say this but its just so true… it’s seeing that lightbulb moment when someone ‘gets’ a new technique or idea and then days or weeks later you see the result of that understanding turning into better & better images

I realised many years ago that I love teaching anything I can, be that my children to read & write, to help them to understand the fascinating world around us from the perspective of Physics, Biology, Ecology, Economics etc. (not Chemistry though I’m crap at Chemistry)

But its in teaching photography that I find the most enjoyment and can see the quickest improvement in others. Even on something as simple as a 1/2 or full day Landscape Photography Course you can see the growth in understanding by its immediate application in the field; and that is a highly rewarding thing to see

I want to show people, to show you, how to get the best photo you can in any given situation, to learn to ‘see’ the end result of your image capture well before you raise the camera to your eye

To be able to evaluate if there is in fact an image worth taking from the scene in front of you, and if at first it appears there isn’t, then how to ‘make’ one

That once you’ve made the decision that there’s a great image potential in front of you I want you to be able to understand what elements you need to place the emphasis on, and what technicalities of the capture process allow that to happen at its best

I want to encourage you to shoot from every angle, high /  low, left / right and with every consideration of shutter speed & aperture to not miss the shot and having learned the ‘Rules of composition’ to then realise that they are at best only guidelines, there are no rules in creating great images

I NEVER want anyone to look back over a day’s shooting and say to themselves… If only I’d done xyz differently – that is not an excuse I’ll ever accept as its so rarely the case and certainly not the case in most Landscape Photography

I have a simple mantra for creating great images that I want YOU to fully take onboard and learn how to do so quickly & efficiently, and its this…


Digital Photography is as close to the perfect learning environment there can ever be as you can see, review & refine within seconds of taking your first shot rather than waiting until a few days after you’ve got home with your film cameras. Digital Photography is not ‘easier’ than shooting on film, but it can be a Hell of a lot faster to learn with

A typical day out in and around Keswick and Derwent Water…

ALL of the following Landscape Photographs were taken by me on a Landscape Photography Holiday I organised for early November 2014. These images were ALL taken between 7.55 a.m. and 12.29 p.m. on 4th November 2014, a shooting period of just 4 hours & 36 minutes

The morning started off with dawn at Castlerigg Stone Circle before moving on to shoot at Ashness Landing, then as the mist rolled in a little too much we went UP to Watendlath to get above the mist into the most amazing clear blue skies, before stopping off to shoot a few of the mist & clouds from what’s known as Surprise View prior to going for a well earned lunch

Had YOU been with me there’s no reason at all these couldn’t be YOUR images, well, with a little help from me 🙂

If you’d like to have taken some or all of these images then why not join me and learn how to do so. I’d have to recommend 1-2-1s as the BEST way to learn, but if you have a friend or two that you’d like to bring along then that can work well too – CLICK HERE for details of how to book your own training day, or just CONTACT ME with your initial queries. See you soon 🙂

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