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Why I love Weddings

Lake District Wedding PhotographyWhy do I love Weddings ???

Are you kidding !!!

Who wouldn’t love being around a bunch of very happy people on a very happy day where everyone is dressed in their finest,

a day full of love, nerves, comedy and a whole gamut of emotions while doing what you like doing best, taking photos !!! 🙂

But being a Wedding Photographer is about MUCH more than just taking pretty photos


It starts weeks, sometimes many months, before your Wedding Day with me advising you (as my Bride & Groom) about the likely timings of your day, and the general rule is… however long you think something will take, DOUBLE IT

Just a few weeks before your Wedding I’ll organise to meet with you at your various venue(s) to finalise a plan for your Wedding Day and the photography of the day. We’ll go for a walk around your venue(s) to discuss where and what kind of photos we can take & create; and for the private time of you as newlyweds the aim is to capture as many different shots and styles of you both in the shortest time possible to return you to your Wedding party

As the Wedding Day progresses my work can also range from simply helping to calm a Bride’s early nerves, to reminding people (sometimes constantly and with increasing urgency) about the timings of their day to keep them on track. It has involved me using scissors under a Bride’s dress to make last minute alterations, and I’ve often had to step in to fasten delicate shoes to avoid a Bride & Bridesmaids breaking a nail or scuffing their varnish. Fastening necklaces & bracelets too is a given, as is entertaining the smaller children at times. I’ve made pots of tea, toast, and opened dozens of bottles of Champagne during Preparations as well as helping Dad with his cravat

At the church I always introduce myself to the Vicar and quickly add that I’m not one of those annoying Wedding Photographers Vicars all hate, as I won’t move about at any time other than when songs are sung, I never take photos during Prayer, I won’t use flash and nor will I “machine gun” taking hundreds of images during the Vows; just a few quiet clicks is enough. Most Vicars love this and allow me to get the shots I need, but sadly some have said “Sit at the back and NO photos!!!” So I’d really advise you asking your Vicar as early as possible about what he will allow to see if we can win him around 🙂

At the other extreme I’ve had Vicars go out of their way to allow me to capture the important moments, I’ve had them step aside and nod to tell me when to shoot, and one stops the ceremony to invite the photographer to take a shot he sets up !!! This chap even has his own bubble machine he sets off as the couple walk back down the aisle. You’ve gotta love a good old eccentric Vicar

I’ve often been handed ‘stuff’ to give back later as Brides & Grooms really can’t carry that many spoons, horseshoes, etc. around with them during the day; I’ve ferried flowers, presents, table decorations and even Granny between venues; and its quite common for me to act as photo-taxi whisking my Bride & Grooms away to a nearby FAB spot for photos, sometimes stopping along the way for ice-creams at a favourite picnic spot (I talked one ice-cream vendor into letting me shoot from inside her van as she served the Bride & Groom their 99s)

For Receptions & 1st Dance I’ve had to reach for my back-up of tissues, Paracetemol, wet-wipes and plasters all of which have been put to use many times; and I found an unusual use for a reflector when one Bride was close to fainting and needing wafting to cool her down

Despite having a well laid out plan of timings for your Wedding I also have to accept that things can & do go wrong making the ‘plan’ instantly obsolete. One of the key abilities of a good Wedding Photographer is to never get flustered, to be able to react and adapt to anything and at a moments notice

So being your Wedding Photographer is often so much more than just taking pretty photos, its about being a friend on your Wedding Day, and helping out wherever and with whatever is necessary and yes…

…I still take pretty photos 🙂


Please have a look through the various Galleries and obviously take a peek at the Wedding Packages then CONTACT ME to see if I’m available for your date and to have an initial chat, to arrange a meeting so I can understand exactly what you want from your Wedding Photography, and of course to make sure we like each other. Please also feel free to bring your mum with you, your sister or a good friend and your children too if there’s a babysitter shortage – if he’s interested enough you can even bring your potential husband too, I have toys to keep him amused while we chat 😀

See you soon


Lake District Wedding Photography

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