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York at 85mm f2.2

York at 85mm f2.2

As a Barnsley & Lake District Wedding Photographer one of the important things we have to do is keep fresh with ideas and knowledge of our equipment. As I recently switched from a 70-200mm f2.8 zoom to using an 85mm f1.8 prime I decided to have a day out to ‘play’ with this lens to really get to know what its best qualities are, and also to ‘zoom’ in the olde-fashioned way of walking forwards or backwards !!!

For our 26th Wedding Anniversary my wife and I spent a couple of days staying in York, so while she went shopping I went off with my camera. Here’s what I got up to and why I shot the things I did, finally adding my thoughts on this lens

We stayed at the Hotel du Vin just outside of the Roman Walls, the first few photos are of an old Citroen van the hotel uses to announce your arrival


As we sat having coffee this green thing attracted my attention, it turned out to be the back of a Tourist Info booth

I saw these 4 chaps busking and was also immediately attracted by the 4 dummies in the window behind them, so I moved into position such that you can see them all together – well it tickled me anyway

As I approach this bench there were only 2 ladies sat on it. I noticed the 3 seats behind them in the optician’s window and wanted to frame them such that it looked like they were sat on those chairs. Pity there were only 2 people I thought, then (as if by magic) this bloke appeared and sat with them too. All 3 wearing glasses just made it perfect. I was also struck by the idea of the advert that if they had laser surgery they’d turn into pretty young things jogging 😀

An older Photographer spying camera gear in a shop window – GAS seems to affect us at any age !!!

(Gear-Aquisition-Syndrome that is)

I watched several people here get as far away as physically possible from York Minster to get more of it in their shots, then several, as this lady is doing, seemed to think that leaning back too would make that all important difference

Britain may be ‘Great’ but its often tacky too. These Queens are in fact waving their arms to make them even more tacky lol – but why sell London stuff in York ???

I always like to capture a bit of wildlife in a city

This is the  typical old-boy down the pub who randomly talks to strangers, as he did with me. He told me about his days in the Secret Service as a ‘sleeper’, but not too much as he was still bound by the Official Secrets’ Act. And just when you’re thinking ‘nutter’ he then produced a letter from N0:10 signed by our PM David Cameron thanking him for his years of service and wishing him well in retirement !!! Well I never

Is this the oddest selfie position or what ???

It seems everyone likes to take their family for a stroll in York

I was just sat having a pint and playing with LiveView, my camera’s Facial Recognition software locked onto this woman at the next table as she seemed to be looking at her husband in disbelief and calling him a “Wazzock”

And finally one of my beautiful wife of 26 years – roll on our next 26 🙂 x


 So, thoughts on the Nikon 85mm f1.8 then

It’s AWESOME – end of

If you fancy a superb prime that won’t break the bank, this is it – buy it 🙂


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